The First School of Anti-Aging

Start the transformation towards your best version

At the Anti-Aging School, we offer you a wide variety of anti-aging products and nutritional services to make you look and feel younger every day.

Comprehensive Nutrition and Healthy Eating Coaching

Our nutritional coaching services are for everyone who wants to be in good health and maintain a healthy weight. The goal is to improve your lifestyle and learn to eat better, enjoying the process.

We do not believe in diets to lose weight fast or in miracles

At the Anti-Aging School we believe that living better and with vitality is the goal we all want to achieve. But, we live in a hectic world and we get carried away by occupations that force us to adapt to an artificial life, distancing ourselves more and more from our natural rhythm of life.

Would you like to look and feel always good?

You have come to the right place to take better care of yourself! At rcoach, we help people, like you, to improve their lifestyle in a healthy, conscious and environmentally sustainable way. We do this by developing the habits to look and feel good for the rest of their lives. Put aside your frenetic world and adapt to the natural rhythm of life!

It has happened to all of us that …

We tell ourselves that one day we are going to start taking care of ourselves, investing time in ourselves and achieving the body we had 10 years ago. We even look at a photo of those times from time to time and promise ourselves that one day we will look like this again. Unfortunately, that “day” keeps getting postponed. But why not start today, instead of sometime?

Do you want to know what and how much you need to eat to lose weight or gain muscle mass?

Get your Personalized Nutrition Guide for free!

The Best Anti-Aging Beauty and Cosmetic Products of 2021

Immerse yourself in the world of anti-aging cosmetics with a wide variety of beauty products for men and women of all ages and with all skin types.

Companies that trust us

We seek to cause the greatest possible social impact and this can only be achieved through collaboration with companies and associations that share our mission.

Testimonials from our clients

Escuela de Anti-envejecimiento
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13:04 27 Nov 20
Una experiencia fantástica!Saben lo que necesitas en cada momento.Muchas gracias por todo
White DanielS
White DanielS
15:37 25 Nov 20
Soy Daniel Blanco, entrenador y directo de Dynamik Pro y me gustaría recomendaros a estos dos grandes profesionales ya que personalmente me han ayudado a mejorar mi rendimiento y saber como la alimentación puede influir positivamente en todos los aspectos de nuestra vidaread more
Chrístopher Ávila Holguín
Chrístopher Ávila Holguín
11:49 19 Sep 20
Comencé con ellos con unos hábitos alimenticios y nutricionales bastante malos, pero no fue tarea imposible: tras tres meses con ellos, el avance es notable tanto físico como mental, y la calidad nutricional de lo que como es bastante superior a lo que era hace tres meses. ¿Lo mejor? Sin dietas milagro, sin restricciones y creando hábitos saludables y adherentes. ¡Cien por cien recomendados!read more
Josep Cots
Josep Cots
18:04 24 Aug 20
Increíble experiencia! Trato inigualable, introduciendo hábitos saludables en nuestro día a día. Mi mujer y yo recomendamos enormemente la experiencia y animamos a que la gente coma más saludable y aprenda con estos increíbles more
Luis Rios
Luis Rios
10:47 24 Aug 20
Mi experiencia trabajando con Jorge e Irina ha sido excelente. Son verdaderos expertos en salud a través de la alimentación y dos personas muy cercanas y humanas. ¡Los recomiendo totalmente!read more
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Sustainable Development Goals

At rcoach, we are committed to supporting and promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the UN to achieve a better global society for all.

The seal certifying participation recognizes the joint work of our entities within the framework of the project, and merits the positive impact of RCOACH on the social, economic and environmental transformation that the 2030 Agenda in Spain implies.

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