Anti Wrinkle Wellness Program

Finally! How to Visibly Reduce Wrinkles Naturally Without Scalpels or Surgical Procedures in 3 Months – Guaranteed.

Holistic Wellness Program of 90 days that will make you regain your younger and more radiant appearance in a natural way. PLUS the World’s Best Home Facial Cleansing Device that will take your skincare routine to the next level in just 30 seconds.

What benefits does this innovative Wellness Program bring?

These are some of the benefits of choosing our Anti-Wrinkle Wellness Program, which will help you become the confident, energetic and attractive person that you really are.

Break your barriers. Crush your insecurities. Eliminate your doubts about yourself.

At last you will feel empowered, learning to focus on solutions instead of problems. You will have the determination and the right attitude to achieve the desired changes.

Putting theory into practice is easier than you think.

No more wandering. We provide you with the clarity and information that you have been looking for to know at all times what decisions to make.

Boost your beauty from the inside. Open your mind.

Are you afraid of not recognizing yourself when you look in the mirror because of your exhausted appearance? Find infinite quick and easy ideas to get all your arsenal, without expensive and risky treatments.

Get the help you deserve without giving up your freedom.

Your personal wellness advisor will help you feel responsible, giving you the support and direction you need every step of the way, but you will always be the master of your transformation.

A handmade program that fits your lifestyle.

Depending on your schedule, goals and preferences, we develop a unique step-by-step program to help you not only unleash your potential, but also take care of your skin as it deserves.

In the end, it's about feeling better without giving up who you are.

You do not have to go through an operating room or change your personality. Instead, you will internalize simple healthy habits that will last a lifetime.


How are you going to achieve these incredible benefits?

It is time to meet us.

We value your time and ours. We are aware that a real transformation is possible only thanks to the full dedication of both parties - yours and ours. Therefore, we will have a video call where we determine together if this Program is for you or not. To ensure the highest quality of our service, we only work with a small group of committed clients.

Start your transformation!

After getting to know each other, we take the time to understand your lifestyle, set what goals you want to achieve, and establish an action plan. Together we choose the rhythm that makes you feel comfortable to start introducing new habits and we adjust it to meet each agreed challenge. The important thing is to learn and enjoy during the process.

You don't have to look for perfection.

To achieve what you are looking for, we will make small long-term changes, with perseverance, discipline and without frustration. We will be by your side to guide you and give you all the support you need.

In addition to 6 Wellness Counseling Sessions, you will have access to:

Amazing Beauty and Cosmetics Tricks according to your skin type.

Dozens of Simple Healthy Anti-Aging Recipes of the season.

Precise Advice on Supplementation according to each need.

Incredible Discounts on Innovative Beauty and Wellness Products.


Take the first step towards your best version by reserving 45 minutes with us today.

Testimonials of some of the people we have helped to look and feel better every day:

Escuela de Antienvejecimiento
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David Hidalgo Bonilla
David Hidalgo Bonilla
16:44 28 Sep 21
Muy recomendable. Probé una oferta de tres meses de seguimiento con Irina. Poco a poco he ido cambiando hábitos muy sencillos y sin grandes esfuerzos he conseguido mi objetivo. No sólo he perdido el peso que quería si no que duermo mejor y estoy más more
Laura Martin
Laura Martin
18:26 01 Jul 21
Irina es una gran profesional, sabe escuchar y ayudarte a alcanzar tu objetivo y lo hace de manera individualizada, acompañándote en el proceso y motivando muchísimo, sin dietas ni prohibiciones. Lo recomiendo al 100% incluso a los que creen que no lo necesitan porque ya saben mucho de alimentación y deporte. Solo puedo dar gracias por enseñarme tanto y ayudarme a introducir hábitos para encontrarme mucho more
10:39 31 Jan 21
Excelente profesional que desde el primero momento se interesa en la situación de partida y el punto al que se quiere llegar u objetivo. En mi caso con su información, ayuda, consejo y recetas, he conseguido no solo conocer en profundidad información sobre los alimentos a consumir y que ayudan mucho a la hora de hacer la compra, sino además a combinarlos de manera saludable para aprender a llevar una vida sana. Muy recomendable!!read more
13:04 27 Nov 20
Una experiencia fantástica!Saben lo que necesitas en cada momento.Muchas gracias por todo
White DanielS
White DanielS
15:37 25 Nov 20
Soy Daniel Blanco, entrenador y directo de Dynamik Pro y me gustaría recomendaros a estos dos grandes profesionales ya que personalmente me han ayudado a mejorar mi rendimiento y saber como la alimentación puede influir positivamente en todos los aspectos de nuestra vidaread more
Chrístopher Ávila Holguín
Chrístopher Ávila Holguín
11:49 19 Sep 20
Comencé con ellos con unos hábitos alimenticios y nutricionales bastante malos, pero no fue tarea imposible: tras tres meses con ellos, el avance es notable tanto físico como mental, y la calidad nutricional de lo que como es bastante superior a lo que era hace tres meses. ¿Lo mejor? Sin dietas milagro, sin restricciones y creando hábitos saludables y adherentes. ¡Cien por cien recomendados!read more
Josep Cots
Josep Cots
18:04 24 Aug 20
Increíble experiencia! Trato inigualable, introduciendo hábitos saludables en nuestro día a día. Mi mujer y yo recomendamos enormemente la experiencia y animamos a que la gente coma más saludable y aprenda con estos increíbles more
Luis Rios
Luis Rios
10:47 24 Aug 20
Mi experiencia trabajando con Jorge e Irina ha sido excelente. Son verdaderos expertos en salud a través de la alimentación y dos personas muy cercanas y humanas. ¡Los recomiendo totalmente!read more
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Get life-changing results with the Anti-Aging School Anti-Wrinkle Wellness Program

This training brings together everything we have learned after 10 years of research and experiments, gathered and shared with you to save you time and give you only truthful information that works.

Limited Offer – Only 20 places!



Online service. The price is monthly and includes VAT.

Our irrefutable 100% money back guarantee


Our customers are committed to improving with us, and we are committed to helping them become their best. This is our promise.

Every 15 days, we will evaluate your progress based on different daily habits and photographs. If after 3 months you have not improved your initial result, we will refund every penny you have paid, without questions or explanations.

We trust what we do and stand behind our work.

Limited Offer – Only 20 places!



Online service. The price is monthly and includes VAT.

Frequently asked questions about the Anti Wrinkle Wellness Program

Our service is for men and women over 18, who are willing to learn, motivated to change and want:

  • enjoy a healthy body inside and out.
  • look and feel good.
  • have more energy.
  • have more self-confidence.
  • achieve long-term sustainable results.

Our goal is to help you reach your best version – both physically, mentally and emotionally – to look and feel healthy inside and out.

Depending on your skin type, habits, schedule, food preferences, level of physical activity and lifestyle in general, we create a plan and we introduce new healthy habits.

You will learn how to include the new habits in your life. We will teach you tips on skin care, beauty, cosmetics, nutrition, physical activity, conscious and sustainable living and much more.

Unlike other programs, we do not have ready-made plans, nor do we believe in invasive techniques or miracles.

In everything we do, science is our reference. That is, we have extensive knowledge of the human body, as well as understanding for people, their emotions and feelings.

We see each of our clients as a whole – a set of experiences, emotions and desires that have made them unique. We will always look for the solution that best suits your needs and that best fits your lifestyle.

The total price of our 3-month program is € 360. But beware! If you are in time to take advantage of our limited offer, you will receive as a gift the award-winning and luxurious ageLOC LumiSpa Kit device valued at 244.90€.

This program is an investment that will save you hundreds of hours of self-research, failed experiments, and frustrations over the years.

To this, add that you will not only feel better, but you will also slow down the increasingly pronounced signs of aging.

The Program includes 2 monthly beauty and wellness counseling sessions.

We take the time for you. In general, we usually need more time (up to 1 hour and a half) in the first session, while the following sessions are shorter (around 45 minutes). But, it can vary depending on each person, adapting the sessions to each of our clients.

Our services are online. Therefore, the sessions can be both per call or video call. For your convenience, we work with various video calling platforms, for example, Zoom, Skype or Google Meet. In addition, you can always contact us by WhatsApp for any quick questions.

Unfortunately not. The program is not intended to be shared.

Our mission is to help you achieve your best version, improving your habits and your lifestyle. To achieve this, we require time and perseverance on both sides.

Also, the new habits have a logical sequence. Alternating classes with another person would break this sequence.

However, like an electric toothbrush, the luxurious facial cleanser is designed for use by the whole family (each with its own head).

But, if your partner, family member and / or friend have also decided to take charge of their health and need our help, get in touch with us and we will make them a special offer.

To enjoy our limited offer, it is not possible to pay in installments. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Our goal is not only that you do not spend more, but that you even save money by learning how to use exactly what your skin needs.

In addition, we will teach you techniques to carry out your entire routine comfortably at home, without having to go to beauty centers to pay for expensive facial treatments. This will save you time and money.

We only recommend those products that we know are effective and do what they say they do. Therefore, you can have the guarantee that they work and meet your expectations.

If you are not currently using any facial care product, it is advisable to make a minimum outlay to give your skin what it needs.

If you are not willing to take care of your skin, we fear that this program is not for you. The good thing is that you can benefit from incredible discounts and offers.

Every 15 days, we will evaluate your progress based on different daily habits and photographs. In this way, both you and us can measure your improvement.

We trust what we do. That’s why we offer a 100% guarantee. That said, it is important that you understand that our service should not be understood as a medical, dermatological or psychological therapy consultation.

When to start taking care of your skin?

At the Anti-Aging School, we advise you in the best possible way to take charge of your health and achieve your best version.

Of course, if now is not your time, we understand. We hope this information has helped you understand who we are and what we do. We will be here when you need us.

But if now is your time to revitalize and get the full potential out of your face, then we trust that our Anti Wrinkle Wellness Program is just what you need to obtain excellent results.

We are excited to teach you everything we know about the art of skin care and healthy lifestyle.

It is in your hands to take the next step.

Limited Offer – Only 20 places!



Online service. The price is monthly and includes VAT.

 Do you still have questions?

Contact us through WhatsApp, DM on Instagram or by email at [email protected]